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At ChiroAcuHealth, we believe in organic health repair and maintenance through chiropractic care. Chiropractic care keeps you healthy, and the benefits far outweigh any risks. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s too late to experience the full benefits of lifetime preventative maintenance. That is our why for educating. People are suffering; we witness it daily, but some choose not to pay attention or suppress it! Although, we can live a long, healthy life. By taking advantage and paying attention to the future of our health and children’s! It is the right thing to do. If we unite, educate, and provide our children with the proper tools; they will undoubtedly make better health and lifestyle decisions. In turn, we are living healthier lives than we ever could. Future generations will benefit from this; I am sure of it!

Undeniably, someone within your inner circle is needlessly suffering, and you can help them. I have seen it more often than imaginable; individuals unaware of their health and lifestyle habits bring forth daily issues. Patients come in, speak with my team and me, and then see our vision. They want to change their lifestyles. We then teach the terrible health and lifestyle habits out. Generally, providing our services, educating, and, in most cases, seeing a 180-degree turn in health and lifestyle habits, all because of proper education. Say something; help guide loved ones, friends, or even strangers. There’s an alternative natural way to approach sick care, from the inside out versus the outside in. Chiropractic Care has worked for over 122 years. Acupuncture as well for over 4,000 years old. 

Today, personalized nutraceutical support is documented and endorsed by research. Human life has evolved and requires these modern-day health-centered lifestyles that help the body work better from within. They are inherently designed by nature that way. We are lucky to have them readily accessible and affordable at the same time. Therefore I challenge you now, the healing benefits begin to work once implemented, and your body will thank you with a better quality of life. We want to enjoy the ride of life, so let’s do it as healthy as we can or die trying.

Dr. Neil Koppel
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Welcome to ChiroAcuHealth

Dr. Neil Koppel and his ChiroAcuHealth team treat you as a whole person, not just a disease or diagnosis. We offer a full range of chiropractic care services for your entire family. This includes: 

As a practicing chiropractic physician providing chiropractic care for over twenty-five years, I grew tired of treating symptoms.

My patients would come to see me, and I would prescribe the necessary tests, review all the pertinent documents and interpret their x-rays. On those x-rays, I would see abnormal arthritis, spinal misalignment, degeneration, and, more commonly, abnormal bone structures, and all I was doing was treating the symptoms. Traditional chiropractic care has worked for over 121 years, and most of the time, treatment options worked to help alleviate pain and increase motion. However, for me, it was most certainly not correcting the causes of my patient’s problems. I was the metaphorical WD40 to my patient’s “rust.” This means that I was able to help get the patient’s area of concern functioning again and remove a little nerve interference. No matter the damage was already there, traditional chiropractic was not rehabilitating the spine back to its original structural positioning, and therefore patients’ symptoms would fluctuate like a yoyo. To add insult to injury, the “rust” I describe is the degeneration of the vertebral bones or arthritis of the joints. When left alone, the spine would inevitably get worse. If I did not address this for my patients, who would?

Although people were seeking my services to relieve their pain complaints, something deep inside me knew I was not providing a complete solution for their structural abnormalities, which is one of the many causes of the breakdown of one’s health. I did not want to treat symptoms. I want to treat the underlying conditions so my patients can feel better and stay that way. I was tired of healthcare being sick care and wanted to make a long-term difference in lives, starting with people in my community. It was time to set a new standard for the chiropractic profession and, more importantly, provide people with the best option to regain and maintain their structure. Naples, Florida, offered the perfect environment. To learn more about Posture Corrective Chiropractic (PCC), click here.

In 25+ years of being a healthcare provider, I was privy to billing and collecting compensation for my services through health insurance providers. This was and still is the worst part of being a licensed healthcare provider. Insurance reimbursements are inadequate. Insurance carriers cut all our fees, limit the services we can provide, and then partner up with 3rd party companies who steal our money and drown us in paperwork. The paperwork was out of control. Claims were being denied, reasons for denials were bogus and unethical, and the patient were not getting the services they were paying high premiums for at the end of the day. Overnight, health insurance companies increased their premiums, increased our out-of-pocket expenses, and decreased the benefits for the services we desire.

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Unfortunately, we Americans are brainwashed by the pharmaceutical rhetoric. They have programmed us for sick care and are in bed with the insurance companies. For example, there was a commercial promoting a drug for asthma symptoms; during the first 15 seconds, we hear the disclaimer that the drug may cause asthma-related death. There is something seriously wrong with this; the best part is that they get away with it! It’s just not right. It is time we need to take our health back and maintain it!

I created Elite Lifestyle Memberships with a culture of long-term, affordable, and convenient health in mind. Based on all my studies and clinical experience, if we do not maintain the structure of our spine and keep our nervous system healthy, well, then all bets are off, and the pain, stiffness, and inflammation will run ramped throughout.

We are physical beings; therefore, we need physical solutions geared to helping the body work better itself from within, not a drug. Chiropractic Care and Acupuncture are the best holistic healthcare treatment options that are safe, effective, convenient, and affordable. No matter where you are in your healthcare journey, a healthy life and longevity matter, and the elite lifestyle memberships are just that.

These programs are proactive in nature and can also be provided as an add-on bonus for employees of our local businesses. They promote healthy life maintenance. It is truly a win-win for everyone. To learn more about our Elite Lifestyle membership program, click here.

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Dr. Neil doing an chiropractic adjustment to a adult patient
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From my studies as far back as biochemistry, I was always fascinated by how the human body really functioned. Scientist have broken down the human being to a conglomerate of cells innately connected. Biochemistry was the mechanism of how it all worked. This was an important foundational class that taught us how the human body exists at a cellular level. 

Lifestyle Nutritional Supplementation

Truly amazing and should be taught as a core course from grades 1 through 12 (another mission of mine). Knowledge is power and if all students are educated on how the body works, then they themselves would make better health decisions and the health future of society would inevitably thrive. Back to my point, our body needs specific nutrients to optimally function. The average American lacks these nutrients and doesn’t even know it. These people are more susceptible to sickness, disease, and injury due to minor trauma. Fortunately the research, technology and science with regards to vitamin and nutrient support that is available today are far the best it has ever been and continues to get better. Proving our foods lack vital nutrients and the nutrients available are not providing the health benefits at a cellular level we require.

They used to say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but that magical apple does not exist anymore. It has been genetically altered so it resists bugs, stays looking more colorful longer and won’t go through the normal oxidizing process and change color once bitten into. These Franken Fruit are not from Mother Nature anymore and our bodies know it.

Nutraceuticals are pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplementation. They are the best of the best when it comes to vitamins and other health required elements. They are accessible when you know what you are looking for and they are backed by standards, regulations, and science and research studies. There is a reason why high performance automobiles require premium fuel and so do we. Lifestyle Nutraceuticals fills the gap left by diets lacking nature’s ingredients. There are so many health symptoms that can be cleared up by therapeutic lifestyle change programs centering around nutritional intake. And best of all is the tools and support available even to the most unsure, apprehensive, misinformed individual. You just have to want it and a better you will follow.

Dr. Neil Koppel chiropractor

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