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My why is because this is what I am supposed to do. Organic health repair and maintenance makes sense. First, it works to keep you healthy, and second the benefits far outweigh any risks. Unfortunately sometimes it may be too late to experience the full benefits from a lifetime of preventative maintenance and that’s the fuel behind My Why. People are suffering unnecessarily. We all see it daily, but some of us choose not to pay attention or even worse suppress it. Stop it! If we have the opportunity to live a long healthy life, then we have to pay attention to the future of our health now. It is the right thing to do. If we come together and educate the young, they will undoubtedly make better health and lifestyle decisions. In turn live healthier lives than we ever could. Generations to come can only benefit from this, I’m sure of it.

If you are reading this and resonate with the mission then please share it. Someone you may or may not know right now is needlessly suffering and you can possibly help them. I have seen it more times than I can count that the health of an individual did a 180 degree turn for the better because of natural healthcare. Say something and help guide your loved ones, friends or even strangers that there is a natural and alternative way that approaches sick care from the inside out versus the outside symptom treatments. Chiropractic has worked for over 122 years and acupuncture is well over 4,000 years old.

Today personalized nutraceutical support is clearly documented and endorsed by research. Human life has evolved and requires these modern day health centered lifestyles that help the body work better from within. They are inherently designed by nature that way and we are lucky to have them readily accessible and be affordable at the same time. Don’t wait before it’s too late. Therefore I challenge you now, the healing benefits begin to work once implemented and your body will thank you with a better quality of life. This is my why. We were meant to enjoy the ride of life, so let’s do it as healthy as we can or die trying.

Welcome to Chiro Acu Health:

Where Dr Neil Koppel and nurse practitioners treat you as a whole person, not just a disease or diagnosis. We offer a full range of services for your entire family. This includes :


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As a practicing chiropractic physician for over twenty years I grew tired of just treating symptoms.

My patients would come to see me and I would prescribe the necessary tests, review all the pertinent documents and interpret their x-rays. On those x-rays I would see abnormal arthritis, spinal misalignment, degeneration, and more commonly abnormal bone structures and all I was doing was treating the symptoms. Traditional chiropractic has worked for over 121 years and most of the time, treatment options worked to help alleviate pain and increase motion but for me, it was most certainly not correcting the causes of my patient’s problems. I was the WD40 to my patient’s rust. This means that I was able to help get the patient’s area of concern functioning again, remove a little nerve interference, but what ever damage was already there, traditional chiropractic was not rehabilitating the spine back to it’s original structural positioning and therefore patients symptoms would fluctuate like a yoyo. To add insult to injury, this rust I describe is the degeneration of the vertebral bones or arthritis of joints of the spine would inevitably get worse. This is not good and is the opposite of health. If I did not address this for my patients who would?

Although people were seeking my services for relief of their pain complaints, something deep inside me knew I was not providing a complete solution for their structural abnormalities, this is one of the many causes of the breakdown of human health. I did not want to treat symptoms, I wanted to treat the underlying conditions so my patients could not only feel better but stay that way. I was tired of healthcare being sick care and wanted to really make a long term difference in the lives starting with people in my community. It was time to set a new standard for the chiropractic profession and more importantly provide people with the best option to regain and maintain their structural health and Naples Florida offered the perfect environment. To learn more about Posture Corrective Chiropractic (PCC) click here.


DRX9000, it’s a wonderful machine. Really helped by back! The DRX9000 are a god send. People here are great. Consider it if you have any back problems. I have 5 herniated discs in my lumbar. I am 90%.


Picking up my shoes off the floor was a big thing…just get up and just walk it’s like a toddler walking for the first time…Little things but BIG stuff for me… I can’t say enough…how I feel so much better.


How does it feel?

Wonderful. I love how it stretches me stretches me and makes me feel comfortable, better than my bed… Prior to this treatment mornings were my worse. When I get up I can just get up and move. It’s a breathe of fresh air, feel like I have more energy.


thank you for helping to reduce, and at times, alleviate, my back pain with the chiropractic intervention you gave me over the three sessions… For my sleep apnea, the acupuncture was very successful. I sleep better now and feel rested plus it appears to have improved my foot neuropathy. I actually have feels again in my toes!


I tried all of the tactics, stretching, yoga and all that and none of it was working… I haven’t really dealt with meds, worrying about toxicity… I went with acupuncture, and in just one visit, my pain was gone… and I keep coming back and it’s better and better.


2nd visit in, I feel great… I feel relaxed… a lot better…


Being my very first time I can honestly say Valerie and Dr. Koppel were both amazing! I felt very comfortable from the beginning. I had 32 needles placed in various areas and not one hurt. Most I didn’t even feel as they were placed. Before he finished placing them I had already begun getting very relaxed. By the time he was finished I was pretty much asleep yet aware. The 45 minutes that passed until he removed them felt like 20 minutes. I had to take my time getting off the table. I was that relaxed. Driving home I was much more patient with traffic, could breathe thru my nose easier, my daily craving for fast food was gone. Today, the day after, I even cooked for myself; scallops and flash cooked power greens in coconut oil with spices. I already have my 2nd appointment set up for next week and look forward to it! Thank you Valerie and Dr. Koppel for an amazing experience!

Dr Koppel and Valerie,

Dr Koppel and Valerie,
It is with sincere thanks in writing testimonial that I
express my deep level of gratitude, mere words cannot express the difference you made to my life. I came into your office a broken shell of a person, and you spent a lot of time and energy healing me, in effect “giving me my life back”
I’m humbled and appreciative for all you’ve done on my behalf. I will never forget what you have done, I’m wearing the smile you gave back to me.
A heartfelt thank you for everything that you’ve done to give my health back to me- You are a gift to my life, and I will treasure you both always.
yours truly,
Sharon Chronis
On April 1 2017 I was stopped at a red traffic light, and hit from behind by someone who was texting and driving and never hit her brakes. After the EMT’s and Police left, I made an appointment the same day with Dr Koppel at Chiroacuhealth, had x-rays, and light treatment, I had injuries to my neck, shoulder, torso and hip. My neck had severe whiplash, and from being tossed front to back on initial impact, I lost the curve in my neck, and sustained 2 herniated discs and 2 bulging discs effecting my neck & torso. Upon impact of the accident, my head was turned to the right side ( I must have been looking at the radio) so my head was permanently turned to the right side which was another necessary correction.
Symptoms experienced from day one were: from 1st day- I had mental break down- crying every 60 minutes over a period of 2 days, and At times constantly thirsty, and at times it feels like my brain shakes I was unable to sleep still due to severe pain in my neck, as well and shoulders, chest, and arms. I also had numbness and weakness in my arms and fingers, I experienced left hip and left leg pain, low back pain. My muscles in my neck and shoulders feel achy, hard or knotted up. I have constant Pain, My neck is stiff, and have constant headaches at the base of the skull that radiate towards the forehead I have Loss of mobility and loss of range of motion in my left arm. I am dropping things with my hands. I have confusion, and no concentration, or ability to retain information or process my thoughts at times, I was constantly tired, but cannot sleep thru the night. .. I would lose my balance while standing up and then righting myself. Difficulty with driving turning head. ( holding steering wheel ) I was extremely Limited as to effect day to day activities of showering, getting dressed, ( not doing any cooking or cleaning, laundry, or daily chores such as shopping or driving, as ( holding steering wheel with both hands was impossible ) cannot go to a hairdresser, or dentist because of my neck & shoulder pain My Husband helps do all the daily chores that I could no longer do ( for months) I noticed difficulty sitting ( head & neck get tired)… I was mostly laying down every day. I had an MRI, and saw a neurologist who suggested I would be a very good candidate for surgery, We decided on an alternative course of treatment – “Posture Correction”. and we started traction in-office at Dr Koppel’s office which gave immediate relief. I made consistent progress, and posture corrective treatment gave me hope to have pain relief and increase mobility ( which was immediate) and I am happy to say they gave me my life back. I was always an active person, and it was both depressing and debilitating to go thru these severe injuries. Thank you for saving my life, I am back to work, and happy, I have my active life again- paddle-boarding, yoga, working out at the gym, riding my bike, swimming, and walking the beach. ….. happy to add -I sleep thru the night- pain free. I will always have a special place in my heart for ChiroAcuHealth!
Sharon Chronis

Sharon Chronis


In the 20 years of being a healthcare provider I was privy to bill and collect compensation for my services through health insurance. This was and still is the worst part of being a licensed healthcare provider. Insurance reimbursement got so bad the insurance carriers cut all our fee’s, limited the services we could provide, and then partnered up with 3rd party companies who stole our money and drowned us in paperwork. The paperwork was out of control, the reasoning for denying claims were bogus and unethical, and at the end of the day the patient did not get the services they were paying high premiums for. Overnight health insurance companies increased the premiums, increased our out of pocket expenses and decreased the benefits for the services we desire.

Unfortunately we Americans are brainwashed by all the pharmaceutical rhetoric. They have programmed us for sick care and are in bed with the insurance companies. For example, there is a commercial promoting a drug for asthma symptoms, during the 15 seconds we hear the disclaimer that the drug may cause asthma related death. Is it only me or there is something seriously wrong with this, best part is that they get away with it. It’s just not right. We need to take our health back and maintain it.

My Elite Lifestyle Memberships were created with a culture of long term, affordable, and convenient health in mind. Based on all my studies and clinical experience, if we do not maintain the structure of our spine and keep our nervous system healthy, well then all bets are off and pain, stiffness, and inflammation is now on.

We are physical beings therefore we need physical solutions geared to helping the body work better from within, not a drug. Chiropractic and Acupuncture are the best holistic healthcare treatment options available that are safe, effective, convenient and affordable. No matter where you are in your healthcare journey, healthy life and longevity is what matters and the elite lifestyle memberships are just that.

These programs are proactive in nature and can also be provided as an add on bonus for employees of our local businesses. They promote healthy life maintenance. It is truly a win win for everyone. To learn more about our Elite Lifestyle membership program click here.

From my studies as far back as biochemistry, I was always fascinated by how the human body really functioned. Scientist have broken down the human being to a conglomerate of cells innately connected. Biochemistry was the mechanism of how it all worked. This was an important foundational class that taught us how the human body exists at a cellular level. Truly amazing and should be taught as a core course from grades 1 through 12 (another mission of mine). Knowledge is power and if all students are educated on how the body works, then they themselves would make better health decisions and the health future of society would inevitably thrive. Back to my point, our body needs specific nutrients to optimally function. The average American lacks these nutrients and doesn’t even know it. These people are more susceptible to sickness, disease, and injury due to minor trauma. Fortunately the research, technology and science with regards to vitamin and nutrient support that is available today are far the best it has ever been and continues to get better. Proving our foods lack vital nutrients and the nutrients available are not providing the health benefits at a cellular level we require.

They used to say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but that magical apple does not exist anymore. It has been genetically altered so it resists bugs, stays looking more colorful longer and won’t go through the normal oxidizing process and change color once bitten into. These Franken Fruit are not from Mother Nature anymore and our bodies know it.

Nutraceuticals are pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplementation. They are the best of the best when it comes to vitamins and other health required elements. They are accessible when you know what you are looking for and they are backed by standards, regulations, and science and research studies. There is a reason why high performance automobiles require premium fuel and so do we. Lifestyle Nutraceuticals fills the gap left by diets lacking nature’s ingredients. There are so many health symptoms that can be cleared up by therapeutic lifestyle change programs centering around nutritional intake. And best of all is the tools and support available even to the most unsure, apprehensive, misinformed individual. You just have to want it and a better you will follow.