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Posture Corrective Chiropractic helps remove pain from lower back, shoulder, knee, neck. Stiffness, poor posture, migraines, sport injuries, anxiety, depression & stress read more


Successfully treats migraines, anxiety, insomnia, depression, high blood pressure, hormonal symptoms caused by physical, mental & chemical stressors, read more

DRX9000 Decompression

Effectively treats people suffering from pain in the neck & back caused by disc degeneration, herniation, bulges’ by eliminating interference, read more

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Looking to eliminate the pounds with out traditional diets. Your lifestyle management solution is here now read more

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Science, research and statistics confirm the need for nutritional assistance. All programs are customized for your needs read more

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Our membership plans were created to open our doors to health conscious individuals who value health maintenance read more…

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What is your biggest health issue right now? Is it pain? Are you sore or stiff?
Is your body functioning the way it used to?

If you’re reading this, please for yourself, answer these questions and be honest. Then ask yourself how do these answers make me feel? How is it affecting your life, work, or school?

What is healthcare?

In my 25 years plus of study, I have asked this question thousands of times and received many different understandings, that I have summarized as the care and maintenance of one’s health is a conscious action to do everything possible for the benefit of health. The best way for me to explain this is either you, your mother or father, grandparent, cousin, friend or neighbor was once a caregiver to a brand new baby. They have acted in a state of unconscious consciousness. Simply put, being proactive for the health and well being of the child.

It’s a way of life being Proactive. It’s fun, exciting, and healthy. And it is not really that hard to do. It is the most cost effective way to optimize and maintain the life of your health. Health comes from above down and inside, radiating outwards. This means our life-force energy that controls and coordinates every function of health begins in the brain, flows down the spinal cord, through all the spinal nerves to all the organs, tissues and cells, and then back again all day, every day of your life.

A healthy looking posture is the first step to make sure this life-force energy flows the way it was designed to. If you did not already know, the spinal cord (a.k.a. nervous system) was designed to flow through a spine that is straight from looking front to back and have specific curves looking sideways. Once these positions are compromised they do not return back to their normal positioning. In fact, due to gravity, the spinal structure will break down in its own innate attempt to protect itself.

Leaving us with pain, stiffness, loss of height, decreased motion and an impaired ability to maintain a healthy and strong nervous system. These are facts that have been researched in the top scientific medical journals of the world. Don’t wait until it’s too late, because at that time it will be and it just does not have to. Life is a gift, let’s treat it that way. Start your wellness plan with corrective Chiropractic and Acupuncture Now. Click below and schedule your appointment now. This is what being proactive is all about.

Your success is our priority.
Dr. Neil Koppel

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  • Here's Why ChiroAcuHealth

    Here's Why ChiroAcuHealth

    “Best acupuncture treatment… it was fun… it felt good…
    I feel wonderful… can’t thank you enough.”
    Patient of ChiroAcuHealth
    Naples, Florida
  • Here's Why ChiroAcuHealth

    Here's Why ChiroAcuHealth

    “Suffer PTSD cause I was in the military for 8 years... I’ve had a lot of issues with anger, my attitude and how I deal with life… After the acupuncture, calmest I felt in years.”
    Patient of ChiroAcuHealth
    Naples, Florida
  • Here's Why ChiroAcuHealth

    Here's Why ChiroAcuHealth

    "Dr. Neil is absolutely an amazing Chiropractor"
    Patient of ChiroAcuHealth
    Naples, Florida
  • Here's Why ChiroAcuHealth

    Here's Why ChiroAcuHealth

    "I feel fantastic. I have more energy.
    I feel good. I would definitely recommend
    Dr. Neil to my friends and family."
    Patient of ChiroAcuHealth
    Naples, Florida