Lifestyle Memberships

Our membership plans were created to open our doors to those health conscious individuals who are seeking high quality and effective physical health maintenance treatments. They are designed for the advantages of being aligned or balancing energy reconnecting the mind body spirit. This is a investment-for-service wellness program that is not covered by health insurance.

The way it works:

Depending on the type of service, there is an initial investment that includes all the services necessary for us to evaluate you. It also includes your first month’s treatment. Each additional visit in the same month will be paid for at the time of service, but more importantly it will be at our membership’s reduced rate. Moving forward every month there will be a debit on your account of choice for the initial monthly investment which includes your first treatment for that month. As stated above each additional treatment will be at your reduced membership rate. That’s it. Simple.


Membership Guidelines:

  • Chiropractic services performed are for alignment purposes only.
  • Acupuncture services performed are for general energy balancing/stress reduction only.
  • To achieve maximum benefits from the membership plans we ask for a minimum of a 6 month commitment.
  • If at anytime you decide to cancel your membership prior to the 6 month expiration date, you will be charged the difference from your membership price to the non membership price of the adjustment or acupuncture service only.
  • Members are required to provide us with a credit or debit card account on file for the monthly membership investment.
  • Additional treatments in the same month are payable at the time of service by either the account on file, check or cash.
  • All new members are required to have an initial examination.
  • Vacation time: Any member who goes out of town for a month or is seasonal and away for six months, you will never lose that visit. Any visit not utilized the month it was charged will accumulate and be available as an “additional visit” at anytime during an active Membership. If for any reason the patient cancels their membership and there are “additional visits”, those “additional visits” must be used up within 60 days. If after the 60 day, any visit not utilized will go to an in- house credit for non membership services for up to an additional six months. If any portion of the credit is still not utilized after that time, the credit is forfeited from the member and credited to a virtual in-office fund for sponsorship of an individual who does not have the financial means for the Posture Corrective Chiropractic course of care.
  • If a member is involved a motor vehicle accident or any other type of physical trauma, their membership will be put on hold pending resolution of the occurrence.
  • At the end of the six months a re-evaluation will be performed at no additional cost to the member.
  • No super-bills will be generated for possible insurance reimbursement.
  • All Members get 10% off on all Vitamin Support. Additional 5% off if they are on Autoship.
  • All memberships will automatically renew on the 6 month anniversary from initial visit for an additional six months.

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