Bad Posture

What is Posture?

Posture is the position of a person’s body when sitting or standing. Good posture is when there is balance between opposing groups of muscles and the body is able to stand erect with all joints, bones, and muscles in correct alignment. Good posture is important regardless of the position the body is in such as sitting down, standing, lying down, squatting, and while in motion.

Why is Posture Important?

Posture Corrective Chiropractic Chart
Research has shown that bad postures may increase feelings of depression, affect your digestive tract and influence confidence and stress levels.

Signs You Have Bad Posture?

There are many indicators of bad posture, but some of the more common are hunched shoulders, rounded shoulders, rounded upper back, forward head carriage and arched lower back. Another indicator is back pain.

Factors That Contribute to bad Posture

How Can A Chiropractor Help?

Dr Neil at ChiroAcuHealth will perform a thorough physical evaluation including posture, mobility, and range of motion. The doctor will also compare the person’s postural alignment with a model of ideal alignment. Using this information, he will design a personalized exercise and manual manipulation program created to correct the patient’s specific issues. The chiropractor provides personalized manipulations, adjustments, massage and exercise programs to correct a person’s posture with follow-up maintenance. The whole body is taken into consideration so that improvements to posture can help to improve other aspects of the patient’s physical well-being.

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